Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New lens on Squidoo

Check out our latest lens. I decided that I wanted to create a lens on what it took to start our business. I am going to include the infomation that I wish I had had when we were opening our salon.

Our Salon Story

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you Squidoo?

You should if you haven't started yet!

It is fun and if you do it right you can make some money!!!

Make your first Squidoo lens!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today was a busy day. Not that I got a ton of stuff done, but I was on the phone a lot with colleagues from the professional beauty biz!

It started off with a quick IM Chat with Teri Dougherty on Facebook. We got to touch base on what is going on in our lives and trade a little bit of oh did you hear... She is a true inspiration in our industry. We worked a lot together during my time at Wella/P&G. She is a great inspiration for other hairdressers because she shows them techniques and ideas which can make them money in quick easy ways that give million dollar results. You got to check her out! Her website is: Teri Dougherty

Then I got a call from my long lost friend Carina Breda (Photo above is Carina & James in Athens). She was in a NY Airport on her way home. It was so nice to connect again. It has been way too long. Since we went to the village people at the Hollywood Bowl if I remember right! She is working at Orly. We worked together for years at Wella. We did some photoshoots and trips to Europe which I will remember forever!

Then I got a call from Lynette Asson, most recently of Goldwell Academies. We worked toghether at Wella WAY BACK! I took over her position after we left but we have stayed close all these years. I was sharing with her some of my blogging stuff etc. We are always keeping an eye out for opportunities and trends in our market.

I also went over to our friend Christina's apartment since she had the flu. I took her over some supplies. She was so sick looking. I sterilized my hands as soon as I left! I don't want to get that sickness....

So, in all, a great day. Awesome to reconnect with old friends and colleagues. These people are the ones who make our business so great. They really care and are making a difference.