Monday, November 28, 2011

Increasing my traffic to my social media platforms

So, from time to time, I am trying to raise the profile of Matthew Ray Salon Social Media. So some things you can do is ping your blog posts. So, I will try to do that in this post. You can try it too if you want and see if it helps you at all. I am hoping it increases my traffic across my different forms and maybe get a new client or two out of this! Blog Ping

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

James' client Leanne McKeown on the Ford Focus Commercial. Have you seen it? She was so surprised!!! I think she handled it really well. She was calm, enjoying it and able to crack a joke at the end!. So proud of her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PBA / National Cosmetology Association

The NCA / National Cosmetology Association is the association that James Jordan serves on the leadership council for. Hairdressers! - Learn more about what benefits you can enjoy as a member.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

9th Annual Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party

Shelley Hennig walks the red carpet for the 9th Annual Teen Vouge's Young Hollywood Party. Hair by Matthew Holman. Photo by: By: David Livingston Getty Images Entertainment

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flat Head | Weddingbee

Flat Head | Weddingbee

Check out a fan of Matthew's blog about weddings! Image from Alison Sweeney's blog.

The Professional Beauty Association / National Cosmetology Association Meeting Scottsdale

James Jordan of Matthew Ray Salon had a great time at his first meeting with The Professional Beauty Association | National Cosmetology Association (PBA | NCA), the leading non-profit membership organization in the beauty industry, held its quarterly Board of Directors and Leadership Council meeting this week in Scottsdale, AZ, which included several leaders from the salon/spa industry. They met on critical issues and efforts, which are designed to drive growth, sustainability and relevance within the industry. The group discussed strategies to grow industry education and research, strengthen government affairs, expand charitable programs, and how to better connect and recognize professionals through its trade shows and competitions. To find out more about what the PBA | NCA has been up to, read its Mid-Year Review

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did You Tune in to the MDA Telethon?

The MDA Telethon was on labor day evening. This is the 3rd year Matthew has been there to do Alison Sweeney's hair for the event. Did you get to see what hairstyles he created for her this year!
Everyone is interested to watch to see what changes there will be in the format. The important thing to remember is the event is there to raise money to help help with coming up with a cure for this disease. Check out Alison's blog to see some behind the scenes views! Including, yes, your own Mr. Matthew Holman!!


Check out the new app by KMS! You answer a few questions, snap a picture and share the results on Who Are You? with your friends!!! It's fun to do and gets you a cool picture you can email, text, twit, fb etc!! Download on the iTunes store or at the Android Marketplace.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Professional Beauty Association - Leadership Councils

James Jordan is elected to a seat on the Beauty Professionals Leadership Council for PBA. (formerly the National Cosmetology Association) dedicated to helping licensed cosmetologists strike a healthy work/life balance. Members enjoy resources to inspire creativity and career development and have access to educational events and trade shows to hone their professional skills and business knowledge. James is looking forward to helping licensed and future cosmetologists by sharing the resources available in PBA. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has four Leadership Councils and a Board of Directors. Each council is made up of dedicated members who have taken an active role in the association.

Check out the new KMS!

KMS California launches their new website!!! Take a look at

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KMS California

KMS California

The countdown begins.... see how much longer till you can rediscover your favorite projects and meet some new ones!

Friday, August 5, 2011 - a new social media platform


Check out James Jordan's new profile on This looks like AOL's answer to google+ .
Check it out and tell me what you think or link to me!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alison Sweeney's Braid Style on Biggest Loser by Matthew Holman

Take a look at Matthew's popular braided style on Alison Sweeney for Biggest Loser.

He shares the steps below:

I'm so glad you guys like the hairstyle I did on Ali for the weigh-in! It all starts with a good blow out. Ali has fine hair, so I use a product called Root & Body Lift before I blow it dry. (At the moment I'm obsessed with KMS California hair products.) And then…

1. When creating an intricate look like this, I like to map out what I'm doing first. I started by dividing the hair from the crown down to the ear on the opposite side from where I wanted the braid. Then I clipped that hair up out of the way.

2. For the extra volume in the crown area, I back-combed and sprayed the hair with medium-hold hairspray between each section.

3. I'll be the first to admit that French braids can be tricky, but the key is not to stress. Just take your time. I left out a small amount of fringe and then I started a loose French braid that followed the bottom hairline, leading around the back of the neck. I clipped the braid to the side, leaving the ends unbraided.

4. Then I took down the hair that I had pulled up on the opposite side and brought it down. I pulled that section of hair into a low side ponytail with a non-metal elastic hairband.

5. Next I took the clip off the braid, wrapped the unbraided ends around the side ponytail, and pinned that hair into the ponytail with a few hairpins.

6. Almost done! I finished by curling the ends of the hair with a 1-inch curling iron, alternating direction with the iron for separation of the curl. To finish, I used medium-hold hairspray to tame any flyaways, protect from humidity, and add a touch of shine.

Visit Matthew at his salon to have him create a style just for you!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matthew Holman shares tips on how to style Nadia Bjorlin's hair:

Matthew Holman shares his tips on how he styles Nadia Bjorlin's hair for her character Chloe Lane on Days of Our Lives.

This style works best with Long hair with face framing layers.

Matthew Holman Hairspray tips

Matthew shares tips on using hairspray on Alison Sweeney for The Biggest Loser 11.

She writes about it on her blog


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