Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Newest Secret For Keeping Your Extensions From Falling Out!

Did you know that Silicone and Oils can make your extensions slip or even fall out? They can degrade the bond or even build up on the hair. With other shampoos, if you do not clarify the hair before the application of extensions the bond doesn't attach fully to the hair strand.
We have been excited to learn about the new Tina Riana hair care line that solves this annoying problem. They have created a shampoo with no oil, silicone, sulfate, and parabens that is safe to use on all types of extensions and hair types.  This allows you to cleanse your hair, extensions and scalp without having to worry about loosening the bonds! Another benefit to these ingredient deletions is the shampoo helps to preserve your hair color longer than a normal shampoo!
For clients who are using this shampoo on a regular basis there isn't the need to clarify prior to the bonding.
The luxurious feeling of the product and smell are another big seller.

They also offer a conditioner, detangling spray and styling spray.  Rumor has it there are new products due out soon!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Matthew Shares Styling Tips in Days of our Lives - Better Living

In this book the Days actors share how they stay fit and healthy for their roles.  They share recipes, work out routines and relaxation tips. There is also a great section with style tips.  Matthew Holman and Patrick Killian share their tips on how to create styles from the show. Available on Amazon.