Monday, November 28, 2011

Increasing my traffic to my social media platforms

So, from time to time, I am trying to raise the profile of Matthew Ray Salon Social Media. So some things you can do is ping your blog posts. So, I will try to do that in this post. You can try it too if you want and see if it helps you at all. I am hoping it increases my traffic across my different forms and maybe get a new client or two out of this! Blog Ping


gesowan said...

Blogging is a very powerful form of marketing. I used the services of a profession, being MagicBuz, who made all sorts of suggestions and guided me. In buzzing I have noticed a definite upturn in my sales and at the same time I am able to gauge my customer's needs

Matthew Ray Salon said...

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

This was a great blog. Increasing traffic to our advertising has always been hard for my company. We are always still learning about the web and the way to get people to actually look at what you post! It's interesting gesowan you bring up MagicBuz. I never heard of them before but I looked on their website and I guess a company like theirs is around to help people like us!