Saturday, August 23, 2008


so, this has been a very frustrating process.  Our landlord had agreed to repair the roof prior to us taking the keys (aug 1). When we got the keys we asked and they said yes they had repaired the roof.  We asked for a warrantee from the installer for insurance.  Of course, they didn't have that because the guy was just some friend of the owner. 
So, we had to get our Lawyer involved.  Stephen Hyam, he is great.  So, the last two days we have had the roofers on site.  They had to remove the roof and replace it.  Yesterday when I drove by I noticed the skylights were removed. I hope they fix them as they have cracks and red spraypaint on them. 
I think Carlos has most of the painting done.  We are taking the florescent light fixtures there today for him to install.  
Next on the list after Carlos is the installation of the new airconditioner (like Maya's) and install the floor.  
We are now at double our budget!!! We have just enough to cover all those costs.  Now for set up (towels etc) we need to break out the credit cards!!!
We are meeting with some hairdressers in the next few days and hopefully will have a few people who will be there with us. 

It's all coming together now!!

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