Saturday, December 5, 2009 - how to grow our business?

So, I signed up for hopefully this will get us a few new clients. Right now we are trying to get new people in the door. It seems like our existing clients are happy and coming in. It is just that the new customer base has dropped off.

Some of the reasons: Our salon doesn't come up as high on searches. When we first opened it was always on the first page. But no more. The economy. That's all I have to say about that.... Less people moving to Burbank(?). We aren't here set hours. All of our reviews were taken off of Yelp. We are missing about 7 reviews from customers from Yelp.

Some things we are doing to get the word out there.... I bought an ad on google search for Los Angeles, Burbank etc so that a text ad comes up for Matthew Ray Salon with a discount on services. ( I Know I know it is bad to discount services but we need to get some new people in the door ! )This week we had 38 clicks on the ad and a couple of phone calls.
We got some good exposure in the Hairdressing Trade Magazines. I send out a thank you card to all my new customers and give them cards. I think I might start doing a referral program. I am asking people what would give them an incentive to recommend us. Money off? Free product? Getting out and just meeting people. That is one of the best ways to get some. You just always have to have cards with you!
Participating with shop burbank. I guess it is a campaign with some Burbank businesses. They all do a discount of some sort. Not really sure how it works but we are on their website as an offer off with James or Allison for new clients.

I have also been trying to do more postings to this blog. (not that anyone reads it) But one day someone will!

Maybe we should put Matthew's Emmy in the window? I was also thinking to maybe do something with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. You know if you lose some weight you always feel like a new person. How great to finish off the whole process with a whole new cut & color?

If you have any ideas, please post your comments! Thank you!!!

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ilana said...

Hey I'm reading it! I think all the things you are doing are great. It takes time to build up a new business but you guys are off to such a great start. Also I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a weekly goal of how many cards you want to pass out. 10? 100? And I love the referral program, that should be a given!!! I know we talked about loyalty programs, but I couldn't resist putting something on my business cards. What if instead of thank you cards, you mailed loyalty cards to people with stamps already put on them (to represent the number of times they've come to you)?