Thursday, December 10, 2009


UH OH! My new client called because she wants me to refine her haircut. This could be a major uncomfortable thing.... BUT>>>> I'm using it as an opportunity to show her the great service that she can expect from Matthew Ray Salon!
Actually, when I did her hair we styled it in a completly different way then what she normally does. She was happy with it. I was thrilled.
AND, I did tell her that if she stlyed it later and wasn't as thrilled to come back in and we will 'refine' the cut!
So, the good thing is that she listened to me. And took me up on it. There is nothing worse then letting a client walk out and feel like they cannot come back if there is not something they are 100% satisfied with.
Some of my favoriet restaurants are the ones where there might have been an issue and they way they handled it keeps me coming back time and time again. My example would be Morton's in Burbank. We had an undercooked steak, no big deal we sent it back and they burnt it. Obviously we upset the cook. When the manager stopped by we told him what happened and he completely took care of us. Now I am a card carrying VIP of Morton's because we go back so often! It is the KNOWING that they want us happy.
So, that was a very valuable lesson to me. I cannot be 100% perfect ( I know I think it sometimes! ) so on those times, I need to admit it and fix the issue as quickly and pleasantly as I can.
So, hopefully my next client will be a card carrying VIP member for James Jordan at Matthew Ray Salon!

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